I had prayed that I could forget about you, and God blessed me with a bad memory.

I've forgotten quite a lot. More than I had originally bargained for.

Apparently, God has done the same to you.

Though, in both cases, he didn't have to be quite so cruel about it.

I took my dog by the old apartment, and there were some papers on the ground. A note for me, I wondered? Why couldn't it be? Those kinds of things happen to me, a lot more than can be chalked up to coincidence. I picked them up and found that there were two blank pages.

At first I thought, what could two blank pages mean? Obviously, they were about us. Did this mean we could start fresh and new? But, then I realized what they'd really meant. I had learned about your memory impairment. It wasn't our slates that were wiped clean, but our minds, apparently!

I've lost most of our e-mails. Why didn't I print them? I don't know. I guess I trusted the Internet to keep them safe. Never trust the Internet for anything, especially a memory.

There was one interesting letter still there, though. I don't even remember writing it anymore.

5/02/05 6:54 PM

"I don't know how to respond, i don't understand. i wasn't in love with the things you did or the things you thought, i was in love with you. there is only one you and nothing can change that. all i know is wherever life takes me, i would hope you would be there. even if you changed or go through changes, even if i change, we are still the same people even if our beliefs, ideals, and needs have changed. i'd still love you if you had amnesia and forgot everything about me. i don't believe that everything is over after we die either, i think there's an afterlife we move on to and there are very few people i'd want to meet on the other side as much as you. i think we can still be soul mates even if we're apart, like we have been the last 10 years. i think i'm fair to everyone. I'm not sure why every time i try to be honest i come off as a bad or selfish guy. maybe i am both and i just don't know it. well im going to get going now. talk to you later."




All poems and stories are (C)Copyright 1996-1999 by Ronald Randazzo.
Most of this original work was originally published under the pseudonym Ronald Rand.
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