"To never see it snow, or ever feel the rain again.
To never be in love, or having to explain again.
To not have to cover my face so that you won't see my pain —
That would be perfection.

A Letter to Myself

First published in 1996

I failed you, my only friend, miserably.
And now there's no-one left to blame but myself.
You've left me with a world of hopes and dreams.
You paved a road for me to follow,
and I opted for a seemingly greener path.

Somewhere, a long time ago,
I stepped off that path and went
where you warned me never to go.

Looking back, I now know what it was
you'd meant for me to be.
I'd half-forgotten about you and all your innocence.
I forgot the way you dreamed about things
the way only ten-year-olds can dream.

You've sent with me all your morals and values.
What were they again?
How I long to be forever ten like you.
I hope you're not too disappointed in me.

I remember what you meant,
that warm day in June on the swing,
you've finally hit the big time -- Junior High.

You were going to take the world in your arms, remember?
You were going to fly.

I don't know what happened between then and now.
Somewhere, you lost it.
Somehow, the world turned on you, and you lost your grip.

But you will forever feel like you did that day on the swing.
Now, I'm the one who's left to feel so lost and alone.

I hope you'll forgive me this once,
Because I can't -- and you're all that I have left!
One thing I know that's for sure, tonight when I fly,
it'll be forever, and I'm taking you with me.


All poems and stories are (C)Copyright 1996-1999 by Ronald Randazzo.
Most of this original work was originally published under the pseudonym Ronald Rand.
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