Useless Shard #1 from my unfinished
novel, "Sadly Jane & Empty"
Written a long time ago

FROSTBIT and nippy-toed, they stood upon the icy pond.

Sadly Jane, arms outstretched to the frozen pussy willows, felt the warm and tender hands of Empty beneath her arms. Then they danced a twilight number, her up front and him behind, until it wasn't bright enough to call it twilight, nor did they move quickly enough to call it dancing. There was not a star in the sky that flickered, nor even a sound, not even the wind, to tarnish the tranquility of that November evening, or to blemish the fineness of that ink-black sky.

To Useless Shard #2

I named her "Sadly Jane" because it's descriptive. I felt that you could begin any sentence about Jane with the adverb "Sadly". Such as, "Sadly, Jane went down the stairs." Or, "Sadly, Jane looked into the refrigerator." It describes Jane to a T, and always keeps her sadness in the forefront of your mind.

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