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To a Friend (hurting inside)
First Published previous to December 31, 1996



if tonight you can't find
all those things you seek
when everything
in front of you
appears its utmost bleak
when nothing seems
to go your way
and you have to take
things day by day

hold on..
don't hide your
tell-tale tears
hold on..
it's all just
smoke and mirrors

the winds will change
they always do
take it from me,
i hurt like you

when all your days
are gloomy and blue
and all the world
is up against you
when happiness doesn't come
when you think it will
you'll find your way
i know you will

hold on..
let nature have its way
hold on..
the clouds will go away

for you i have no fear
i know an end is near
we'll stop your pain together
cuz' nothing lasts forever

i know the world keeps moving
while your time is standing still
when people all look happy
and you think you never will

the night gray and murky sky
turned your heart a lazy gray
it rained on you and made you cry
and brought everyone else a sunny day

but that's when things get better
it's always been that way
your pain can't last forever
please trust me when i say

hold on..
i feel your every tear
don't hurt..
it hurts me too
hold on..
please look into my mirror
i'm crying just like you

let's take things day by day
i'll help you find your way
and when happiness finds
its way back to you
and your tears dry up
cuz' your crying is through
just one thing i ask of you:
will you please look back
and help me, too?

This poem was made poem of the week on January 17, 1997.

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