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Death watches; They listen
Wait for the time when
I'll come out of my place of hiding
Wanting me
patiently waiting, They know I know
They smell my hot breath
taste my cold fear
swim in the dreams only They know I perceive

I will not come out
They could come in after me, sure
but They won't do that
it's not the same, is it?
I have to give myself up
have to submit
it's the only way They'll have it

my brother gave in, once.
They mauled him, ate him,
kissed his lips and torched
his bumpy flesh
ripped at the pockets;
while he chomped at the bit
They wouldn't let him down

and now They want me

I can wait it out, I tell Them
can wait for them as long as They
can wait for me
it's not a game to me, it's my life
my sanity, my soul

death watches, They listen,
hear my wimpled heart beat pools
into my chest

They hear me, I can taste the
salt in the air
They close in on every side
I hear Them now, Their lurched,
limping bodies, Their jaws
clicking together,
Their fangs bared,
but They won't come in

I get tired of waiting
what can They do to me worse
than what They've already done?
I lost my brother
I have no life
I live in hiding, waiting
death closes in, and I know it's coming
death will wait; it doesn't care
so it's up to me now
death can take me or They can.
burning coals or red-hot spears
if I don't choose, he will choose for me

I'm not coming out, I tell Them
but i'm only lying to myself.
my bare toes tip-toe across to the door
I'm starving, one whispers to me
Give yourself to me.
I float across the threshold
my temples searing; my eyes bleeding crimson
I know not what I did to deserve
all this I only know it's a quick end to
a slow death
They are happy; They kiss my lips.

Cocaine Kiss
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