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(C)Copyright 1996 - 1/27/97

In sickness and in health, i said
in sickness and in health, we vowed
til death do us part?

my love, when i said those things,
i never knew, dear, i never knew...
every morning when you opened your eyes,
remember mine staring back at you?

our life together was like a dream, dear,
your arms embracing me, with your face near,
buried in my snuggly, ever-loving neck
and my child, whom which you carried,
for nine months until you bore
a cuddly baby, a snuggly baby
who lived only to the age of four

til death do us part, i said
til death do us part, we vowed
i never knew dear, i never knew...

we were meant to be, you'd said to me
you've said together, forever and ever
you laughed and it always made my day,
it always made my day, dear, always
made my day..

your voice would dry up any tear
in your loving arms i had no fear
now, not the tallest mountain, nor the
deepest ocean could fill my pit
of deep despair

i loved your thick and golden hair
i knew to come home i'd find you there
but little did i ever know
the hurting you forgot to show
with the pictures of brandon in your lap
and the rivers of blood, the terrible
flowing rivers of blood, running
from the bathroom tub,
forever staining your flowered shower cap

please, dear.. wait for me there..
give brandon a kiss, blow in his ear
for me, dear, for me, wait for me there..

This poem was very loosely based upon
a real-life suicide I read about in the newspaper
which inspired me to craft this story.

Cocaine Kiss
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