Inhumanly Friend
Today You Spilled My Soul
When Pigs Fly
The Trip
Stillborn Soul
Manifesto of the Head
Left Behind
of light and madness
To a Friend (hurting inside)
Turning Nocturnal
Goddess Celeste

To My Princess Daphne
Tis' The Season For No Reason
Port des Horreurs
Lost & Found
3 a.m. Ravens of a Lunatic
The Crucified Man
Mother Earth
An Agnostic Descent
Muy Caliente Patty

Eddie the Head
"Just" Eyes
Eddie the Terminator
Property Of The Black Widow
Flowers Are Evil
Insane In The Membrane
Salad or Deli

An Agnostic Descent

    We live in a puzzle. And every now and then the puzzle tips his hat to us, and asks, "From whence have you come?"

     And so this time when the puzzle came calling, we searched the furthest reaches of our mind, and all the realms of possibilities for an answer. And we listened to all the worldly and spiritual knowledge of all the notable sages of our day. And as a jury, acting unanimously and with one mind, we confessed that, to our knowledge, we believe that nothing or any of us should have ever existed at all.

    Then the puzzle became silent and allowed us to simmer in our own thoughts for a while. And then, abruptly, he left us—quite content in knowing that his question would drive us all mad.

Cocaine Kiss
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