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To My Princess Daphne
Love, Dirk The Daring
A Fan Piece Written By Ronald Randazzo

     How long the search! oh, the ups and downs. i was jaded and discouraged. How often the moments of doubt when i've said, "This is only a pipe dream, the optimistic fantasies of a fool. i am an incomplete puzzle of unremarkable square pieces and i have never seen another square piece. Surely, no one will ever be able to join with me." Always have i been certain that no matter how close i got to finding my true love, that her pieces would always be round and mine would always be square. Never did i truly believe that one day i could find...

~~~ A Goddess whose pieces were neither square nor round,
but triangular in shape and beautiful in all of their likeness. ~~~

     "She is wonderful and her pieces are luminous and divine, but triangles will never do," i said. "For i am made up of squares and therefore only squares can complete me."

     Now, Goddess overheard this, and in Her wisdom She corrected me. For She showed me that She could, if She so wished, join any two of Her triangles together to make a perfect square, and then my puzzle could be complete.

     "But that is not the way of a Goddess," She said. "for My triangles are content to be triangles and so you must find another way."

     So i set out instead to make my square pieces fit Her divine triangles, but at last i gave up. My squares would not break nor bend, and had they even been able to, Goddess's puzzle was already perfect, and the likeness upon its dazzling surface was of no match or resemblance to my own.

     So i said, "Daphne? It's no use! No matter how hard i try, i cannot make my square pieces fit Your triangular ones," and with this, the Goddess became frustrated with me, and She said politely...

     "Must I do everything for you, Dirk?"

     Then Goddess took my square pieces and She began fitting them together one at a time, and now i began to see my true shape as my puzzle was becoming whole. In deed, i was not complicated at all, but instead rather simple. And now a true and intrinsic elegance was shining through. My pieces were of no striking likeness, nor was anything remarkable upon their faces. But only in this particular arrangement and fashion did they finally become whole: a stunning border, a slender, attractive frame, which perfectly encircled the Goddess and enhanced Her soulful beauty. When that frame was finally in place, the Goddess's inner radiance was naturally defined, and i knew that my place in life would be to glorify and to protect Her until the end of time.

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Based upon the poem "Once upon a crumpled napkin" by TimTv.